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Getting a helping hand through our Digital Resources

Using our Resource Center has made it easier for you to receive supportive care from us

We are aware that you may require our immediate assistance on occasion, which is made simple and painless. As a result, we recommend that you use our Knowledge Base Articles, which are available 24 hours a day, OR chat with us during our business hours, which are 08:00 am-17:00 pm Monday to Thursday and 08:00 am-16:00 pm on Fridays.

To begin, kindly click the Resource Center Link:

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Depending on your support needs, you can choose from the options below:

  1. Chat with a representative
  2. Chat with Pegg
  3. Search Sage Knowledgebase

Note: The Pegg and Chat with a representative options are not available on all of our products.

However, we cannot wait to match your immediate needs with our easily accessible digital resources!