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TERS Benefit extended - Online submission template

The Minster of Employment and Labour has extended the TERS benefit from 16 March 2021 to 25 July 2021. Click to read more TERS Benefit Extended

Our Product Delivery Team have reviewed the TERS Extension Employer Letter dated 18 July 2021, and an updated new template for the export will not be created from the payroll system, as the only change in the template is the heading of Column O

The new template heading refers to a specific period to report remuneration for work done or work to be done from 28 June 2021 to 25 July 2021

The Sage Excel export uses the wording “Remuneration Received during shutdown”.

Since no headings are exported in the CSV file which is submitted online this will not cause an issue upon submission, as long as you select to report the correct remuneration for work done for the selected period above.

The following selections can be made from the existing TERS report:


  • Only specific groups of employees can claim for specific periods – refer to “Who may claim” in the mail below and attached TERS letter.
  • The employer must report BCEA remuneration as ‘monthly remuneration’ and ‘remuneration received during lockdown’ and not UIF remuneration as defined in the UICA, as per the previous directives.
  • Employers are reminded that advances, ex gratia payments, or income related to annual or other leave, should be excluded from ‘remuneration received during lockdown’.

Shut Down Periods: 2021/03/16 to 2021/07/25 OR 2021/06/28 to 2021/07/25

Please Note: The above shut down periods are two separate applications and cannot be combined in one application (CSV file).

Shut down period 2021/03/16 – 2021/07/25 applies to ‘claim code 2’ which refers to a business established in Annexure A of the directive and the claim window period is not open yet.

Shut down period 2021/06/28 – 2021/07/25 applies to ‘claim code 1’ which refers to a business established in  Annexure B of the directive and the claim window period is open from 19/07/2021.

Please refer to the attached TERS letter for more information.

Please use the “Select employee” option to ensure you select the correct employees to be included in the correct files.

Value to be used as UIF Remuneration (monthly BCEA remuneration):

A full monthly BCEA remuneration should reflect and it must not be aligned with the shutdown period (i.e. if the shutdown period is for 2 months, this value must still only be for 1 month).

Depending on your Payroll’s current period, the system allows you to select the month (any month after January) and will export the values for 2021. Eg if the Payroll is in June 2021, you will be able to select a period from February 2021 to May 2021

If the values available to export, is not the values expected by the user,  the user must enter the value on the XS screen and select the XS screen line to be used. The XS screen value for the current period will then be included in the export file.

Leave Income during shutdown (remuneration received for work done during the shutdown period):

The current report allows the user to select an XS (Calculation line) to export the values that must reflect in the “Remuneration for work done or to be done” column.

Please take note of the following:

  • If the company was not setup to correctly to calculate BCEA values, it is recommended that you calculate the correct BCEA value to be exported in the TERS file and capture it in the current period on the employee Calculation (XS) screen. The TERS export can then read the BCEA value from the Calculation screen.
  • One of the important changes in the new direction is that the applicable Covid-19 TERS benefit will be paid directly into the employee’s bank account. In certain circumstances the UI Commissioner or delegated official, on discretion and on good shown, can permit payment directly to the employer who, for instance paid their employees in advance. If the payment should be made to the employee it is important that the employee’s bank details reflect in the CSV file. (The customer must select the Employee option at the “Who must be paid” section on the export)

If you require further information kindly contact the Department of Employment and Labour support (0800 030 007) for any queries or assistance.