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Scheduled Maintenance: Tuesday 9 March from 20h00 (Release 5.6a)

Please take note of the following scheduled maintenance Tuesday 9 March from 20h00 on Payroll Professional 

Release 5.6a will be available on 10 March 2021, which will include the latest tax tables for 2021/2022 for South Africa.

Take note, that any user logged into the system at that point in time, will be logged out of the system and will not be available for the duration of the maintenance period.

During this period your software will be upgraded to the latest software release: Release 5.6a

What can I expect after maintenance is completed?

  • The system version will be updated from Release 5.5b to Release 5.6a
  • All company data will need to be updated the first time you launches the application (if you select not to update the data, you will be prompted every time you access the system).
  • The What's New documented on the subscription screen will be updated with all changes once the updated has been completed.

For more information on what is included in Release 5.6a, click here