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Budget Speech 2021 Update

 The following information has been published/updated: 

UIF contribution limit increase:

The Minister of Finance has published a new Draft Notice where the effective date of the increase to the UIF contribution limit (R17 712 per month) has been postponed.

No new effective date has been provided and will be a prospective date to be determined in the Notice.

Therefore, the current limit of R14 872 per month is applicable until the new limit is made effective.

Please click here to view the Draft Notice.


Prescribed rate per kilometer:

The prescribed rate per kilometer used for reimbursive travel allowance for 2021/2022 will decreased from R3.98 to R3.82

Please click here to view the Notice.


Vehicle lookup for the purpose of calculating a travel allowance (deemed cost rates per kilometer on assessment):

Please click here to view the Notice.


Subsistence allowance rates:

The subsistence allowance rates will remain unchanged for 2021/2022, since no new rates have been published, which are:

  • R452 per day/part of a day for meals and incidental, and
  • R139 per day/part of a day for incidental costs.
  • The rates for travel outside South Africa, can be found on SARS website.

Original Post 25/02/2021

Budget Speech 2021/2022 - All you need to know