Exception: Tax Code 3615 is no longer allowed from 1 March 2018 as per SARS

We have had a lot of queries regarding this exception coming through the support desk. This exception is merely a warning to notify you that code 3615 will no longer display on a director's IRP5. The income that has been entered on transaction code 5007 (Directors Remuneration) during your periodic processing will be added to Tax Total 3601 and will no longer display under Tax Total 3615 on the employees IRP5. As a Warning Exception it won't stop you from generating and/or importing your IRP5 Electronic certificates.  You will not need to clear this exception as it is merely there to notify you of this change.

It is important to note that you can differentiate between a Warning exception and a standard exception.

A Warning Exception:

A warning exception does not stop you from generating the electronic certificates.  The aim of the warning exception is to make the Payroll administrator aware that there is a change in information, or non essential information that is missing.  A warning exception, will always be preceded by the word warning, in capital letters, eg WARNING: XXXXX

To prime Examples of a Warning Exception is:

1. WARNING: Tax Reference Number must be specified on the Tax tab on Edit...Employee Masterfile screen

2. WARNING: Tax Code 3615 is no longer allowed from 1 March 2018 as per SARS.  The value processed on this code will reflect as part of 3601.

Standard Exception:

This is any and all transactions in payroll that don't have the word WARNING in front of the exception.  These exceptions need to be cleared in order to generate your IRP5 Electronic certificates.