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Going green with Sage University: announcing digital course materials for Payroll

Recognising the importance of being environmentally conscious is one of the reasons Sage University courseware materials are now being provided in an electronic format! Offering information this way is just one small step we can take to help reduce the impact on our planet from air and water pollution, chemicals contamination, and de-forestation.

 And as they say on TV: “But wait, there’s more!” The online materials are not just a “flat” .pdf or digital book, the “active reader” format is a secure platform that allows you to: 

  • Annotate and make notes in your materials where and how you want them—some options include highlighting as well as text, audio, and even video notes.
  • Share notes with others who have access to the same courseware.
  • Receive notes, pictures, whiteboards, and other files from the instructor.
  • Access your materials from many different sources, including web browser, tablet, or phone.
  • View the materials in an off-line mode with the confidence any updates you make will automatically be synched the next time you connect.
  • Reduce your clutter involved in storing and keeping track of your materials.

We’re working hard to have digital materials available for all Sage solutions (and adding more all the time!). For products that offer online information, Sage University will automatically send you an email with a link to access all your course materials once you have registered and been approved for learning. In addition to how to access the materials, the email will also include information on how to use the tools.

Ready to grow your skillset from anywhere with Sage University? Explore the course catalogue and register for classes by visiting or emailing us on [email protected]