I want to use freedom API to get specific item details. Currently I get all the information except it shows Zero (0) quantity on hand on all items. Kindly help



    Am trying to configure sage 200 Evolution. to consume Freedom API

    But I fail to so "Unable to connect using the connection string provided"

  • Sage Evolution - Alert Management Issues

    Good Day, 

    I am trying to setup Alert Management for a client of mine. 

    They basically want an SMS sent to the customer once an order is dispatched. 

    I have setup everything necessary on Evolution, and it is firing at the correct time.

    However it goes into…

  • How To get a response from SDK support in a timely manner? or Nuget package for v10?

    I have been trying to get the SDK Nuget Package for v10 as it does not appear on the public nuget registry, but we have a client who has decided to move over to V10.

    I got in touch with SDK support about this, where after 2 weeks of back and forth over…


    My client complaining that they have speed issue while using sage 200 Evolution. We have Retail POS and Branch accounting modules with this client and now they are facing speed issue.
    Printing recdipt in Retail POS
    Doing PO & SO 's

    The server used…

  • Sales order change layout when loosing connection

    The Sales order descriptions change back to defaults when the user looses connection to the server. Please see the attached image to see what I'm talking about.

    I have made a backup of the users settings in the Registry on the local computer and when…

  • SDK Error: "No warehouse specified for warehouse item"

    Integrating Sales orders into Evo via the SDK. I am getting an error: "No warehouse specified for warehouse item"

    This is for all Item numbers. It looks like all products are loaded to warehouses, I have not seen this error before when posting…

  • accessing line items within sales order using Pastel Evolution

    I'm developing an application, where we are accessing sales order. I got success in finding Sales Order using SalesOrder.List method. But to find line items, I'm struggling a bit

    Can someone please help me in this regard?? Solution in C# or Vb…

  • Interfacing with an Evolution 7.20 database using the SDK and/or API


    I'm not able to find clarity on how to approach this issue. My client has Evolution 7.20 on local server. Like to retrieve and post data. Can you please help me with this?

    I tried to reach to [email protected] , but no reply yet…

  • Difficulty Spooling GL for Sage Pastel Evolution

    My product is Sage Pastel Evolution. We are having difficulty spooling the general ledgers for a company. The error message is: "Fields in _bvGLTransactionsFull and _bvGLTransactionsHistFull views do not match! Please contact your Administrator!". Please…

  • Imported Inventory Journal Batch does not post


    I am having a challenge with Inventory Journal Batches on Sage Evolution.

    If a batch is imported and you try to post the Batch, it validates without any errors, but it does not post.

    If you do the same batch manually, it will post.

    I also exported…

  • opening balance


    I have some General Ledger accounts given to me by accountant that I need to open balances before starting to process transactions.

    Am not from an accounting background so any help to clarify on the topic would be most appreciated.

    Can anyone kindly…

  • Order Entry | Reports | Purchase Orders doesn't load

    Good Day,

    When trying to run a Purchase Orders report for 2019-01-01 to 2019-12-31, Evolution stops responding and the report doesn't load.

    No matter the date range, even for a single day where there is no PO's (like today), it does the same thing…

  • UK-Tax -Making Tax Digital for VAT

    Wondering if anyone has done any work to create a file or integration for Sage 200 Evolution for clients that are UK based and have the new digital VAT upload requirement?

    Most VAT-registered businesses with a taxable turnover above £85,000 need to follow…

  • Document Management Software


    I'm looking forward to integrate Sage Evolution with GloboDox DMS.

    What I want to achieve is when for example Tax Invoice is created and fiscalized, the DMS will store that Invoice with its Fiscal digital signature. When User view the invoice…

  • Request for a implementation Toolkit Content

    Hello everyone. My name is Keaton Solomons have I have completed my LU6 a few years back for Sage Evolution Implementation BP and I noticed on the Knowledge there is a section for the implementation Toolkit categorised in the different phases but there…

  • Serial Number option not available in layouts

    In the inventory\order entry invoice\crn\rts\grv\SO\PO layouts, the only way to display the serial number is by the default memo in the layout. This cannot be customized any any way.

    Also if this "memo field" is removed, you cannot put it back as the…

  • When is Evolution going to compatible with Azure SQL ?

    When and if will evolution be compatible with Azure SQL ?