Missing transactions in GL transaction report V9.20.1.003

Hi Everyone

When checking in Enquiries account 9500 VAT Control, from 30/9/2021 to 30/9/2021 the transaction reflects.
When checking in the VAT report, detailed with transaction, the transaction reflects with the correct date.
When checking GL Account Transactions, it does not. And yes, I am using the standard layout. Blush

I have done a GL relink
Made a copy company
Set Ver_DB 1 down
Refreshed tables, views and stored procedures.
No joy.

Does anyone have a fix for this please?

Kind regards
Paul Bridgland

  • Hi Paul

    Another day, another new query I NEVER EVER have dealt with before Slight smile

    Which makes my job so interesting!

    Let's start with the very basics:

    1. If not yet done so, close the company and delete the relevant agent's Registry Editor Key on the local PC.

    Open the company and check if still a problem. 

    2. I this a segmented GL accounting company? 

    Kind regards


  • Hi Bennie

    Thank you for your feedback.

    1. I was working on the server with the Admin password as opposed to the agents pc and password, so I am not expecting this to be a factor.
    2. Standard ledger.

    Kind regards

  • Thanks Paul

    Please do the following:

    1. See if you can perhaps find that specific transaction on the POSTGL table.

    Your SQL query should of course include the relevant WHERE BY clause filters to find what you're looking for. 
    Do you think you'll be able to manage that?

    2. Because of you do. you now need to compare this specific transaction in the POSTG: table in a field value by field value comparison with other records that ARE included on the GL Account Transactions report.

    You may find that perhaps one or more fields have a NULL or blank value where the other records don't, or vide versa.

  • HI Bennie

    You nailed it! - turns out that the Period column in POSTGL reflected 0.
    Would have expected a GL relink to pick up that the period was incorrect though.

    Thanks for you assistance Bennie.

    Take care

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