Display Format of Numbers in Report Designer


When I try and change the display format (Number of Decimals) of a data field in the report is does not save it as I selected and it returns to the default, which in our case is 4 decimal points. Is there a solution for this or am i doing something wrong?



  • Hi Gregson

    Do the following to resolve your query:

    1. Select the specific field for which you need to change the number of decimal values. 

    2. On the top left of the screen note the specific data pipeline and field value currently selected on the 2 dropdown fields 

    3. Delete the specific field

    4. Recreate it now by referring to point 2 above - select the same data pipeline value and same field

    5. Now you can add the correct Display Format setting on the field 

    6. When done, save the layout. 

    Kind Regards


  • Hi Bennie

    Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately this does not solve the problem because I get an error "Could not Compile Program: ReportBefore Print"

    I tried several times because I thought I was maybe doing something wrong. 



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