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Good day

Kindly advise,  when the Sage Intelligence Sales Master is loaded of sage 200, it is showing  the names of Customers that are on the database system. How is this happening or possible?

If you open the excel file and refresh the data, and you try to filter the customer code name in the first column one sees customers that are not of the company data

The excel is however pulling correctly but (Filter option) is showing customer that are not in the company .  

What might be the problem?

Kind regards 

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  • Good day Bennie,

    Hope you are well , 

    The above given solution are not working . Those customers that are mot on the database are still showing.

    Kind regards 

  • Hi Richneldis

    Ok, in that case, let's now focus on performing a Excel report template unlinking and relinking.

    Do the following:

    1. Make sure Excel and all BIC reports are closed

    2. In Report Manager, find the relevant report layout 

    3. Right click on it and select Unlink Template 

    4. Click Yes on the prompt that will now display

    5. Now select the same report layout 

    6. At the bottom left of the Properties screen on the right, click the Show Advanced option

    7. On the Report Template field, browse for the Excel template fiel to link it again 

    8. When done click the Apply button in the top right of the Properties screen.

    9. Rerun the report and test the results. 

    Kind Regards