Evolution performance


Evo version 7.20 and soon moving to 10.1

We are large Tissue and Hygiene manufacturing company in East Africa, based out of in Nairobi - Kenya.

Currently at 65 and moving to 75 users and with 50+GB of database (16yr old db), my Evolution users face a lot of performance challenges.

Biggest performance hits are at:

1) BOM/Manufacturing module - A user could easily take 20min per manufacture, from navigating to the transactions window, to editing BOM to actual MF process. 

2) Overall Inventory module - Adding new item could take 40min. Through observation, I have realized due to multiple warehouse selection and 600+ Price lists.. new item creation takes really long. Sales/Purchase orders takes also a lot of time when searching for a customer and items..

My local partner has tried assisting on these issues but there is no much luck either.

The SQL Server 2012 Ent, is sitting on 8 core processors with 128GB of RAM.

I know there is no direct solution to this but let's start a dialogue to understand what can be done to start improving the system.