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Sage 200 Evolution Mandatory Upgrade - Important Additional Updates after 12 November 2021

Per recent communications, the Code Signing Certificate was replaced at midnight on 12 November 2021.

We can confirm the following:

  • Existing Sage 200 Evolution versions will continue to operate where elevated privileges (i.e., with Admin rights) are not used. At this stage there are no immediate issues that have been reported.
  • Existing Sage 200 Evolution versions where elevated privileges (i.e., with Admin rights) are used (e.g., the Sync Monitor for Offline Branch Accounting) will need to be upgraded to the prescribed versions (below) or have the Sync Monitor (and related files) replaced.

Stay up to date with information

  1. We have compiled an information article to guide you should you have any queries or require any further assistance once the certificate has been replaced.
  2. We will continue to post updates on Sage City to keep you informed.

Our Available Support Services

  1. We encourage that all support requests are logged using our webform to capture detailed information of the query.
  2. Contact our support team telephonically on 011-304 3300: Monday to Thursday from 8am to 5pm, Friday from 8am to 4pm & Saturday from 9am to 12pm (South African Standard Time).
    • We will be available on Saturday 13th November 2021 to assist.
  3. Contact our Evolution SDK team for further assistance by sending an email to [email protected]

Emerging Queries at this stage

Query Trend Recommended Action
1. Unable to Reinstall or Uninstall a prior version with an expired digital certificate Refer to the information article.
2. Customers report their current version of Sage 200 Evolution is not operational, where elevated privileges are used, after the digital certificate has been expired. Upgrade to the minimum prescribed versions .
3. Customers may report that certain features may have worked differently on their prior versions as compared to the prescribed upgraded versions.
  1. Understand how the feature used to work on a prior version and how the feature now works on the newer version. Refer to the release notes for the newer version for context.
  2. Log a webform query indicating the version detail and how the feature worked prior and how it works differently now, and what the business objective is.
  3. Once logged we shall engage and provide feedback on possible solutions.