Mandatory Sage 200 Evolution updates required

Please consider the following important message:

Sage takes the security of customer data seriously and works proactively to prevent misuse. In line with our ongoing commitment to providing our customers with a safe and secure accounting solution, we will be updating the Sage 200 Evolution code signing certificate in various versions (see the table below for more details).

We strongly recommend that all version 10.x and above customers upgrade to the latest V10.1.3.005.

Please also note that executables that run with elevated privileges (like the SyncMonitor.exe) should be considered as a priority to replace irrespective of when your customer update is planned.
All versions of the SyncMonitor will be available for download on our FTP site.

Click here for a detailed guide on how to access the Sage FTP site and the Sync Monitors.

New install files to enable you to perform the recommended updates for your customers and are detailed below and can be found on our FTP site and our Development Zone for the SDK:

  • I have a problem with WinSCP it just keeps disconnecting!  Error Listing Directory...  Could not retrieve directory listing. The network connection was aborted by the local system.  I have tried switching off my anti-virus, I've used different internet service providers.  I have never been able to download anything from the FTP site.  So I have a BIG problem!!!  When I recently installed a new hard drive on my computer I had to pay someone to install my software because I couldn't download it.  This really isn't an acceptable option to have to pay for every upgrade!

  • Hi Diccorv

    To be honest, its very rare that we receive your kind of queries.

    Therefore, please consult directly with your local IT technicians and your internet service provider to assist with this query.

    We really have many other clients who have no issues accessing and be able to download form the Sage FTP site.

    I understand that your local ISP may for some reason have some kind of limitation on you to access any kind of FTP site. Please ask them to lift this limitation if this is the case. 

    Kind Regards


  • Thanks.  I tried creating a new folder and it just told me the destination was invalid?  

  • Hi Bennie

    Would it not be easier to just install the full version rather than try to solve the issue with the upgrade?  I have managed to download it.  So all I need to check is if I must uninstall the current version before I install the newer one?

  • Hi Diccorv

    Perhaps now we're getting somewhere Slight smile

    Have you perhaps downloaded and try to install the specific install marked below in red?

    Also, was Evolution NOT previously installed on the same PC where you now try to to install it?

  • Hi Bennie

    That is the one I am trying to install.  And Evolution is already installed on my PC - versions  It was installed by one of the Sage Business Partners in September when I got a new hard drive becuase I couldn't download it from the FTP site.

  • Hi Bennie,

    Quick one, of the two or which one must be downloaded?

    Kind regards


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