Mandatory Sage 200 Evolution updates required

Please consider the following important message:

Sage takes the security of customer data seriously and works proactively to prevent misuse. In line with our ongoing commitment to providing our customers with a safe and secure accounting solution, we will be updating the Sage 200 Evolution code signing certificate in various versions (see the table below for more details).

We strongly recommend that all version 10.x and above customers upgrade to the latest V10.1.3.005.

Please also note that executables that run with elevated privileges (like the SyncMonitor.exe) should be considered as a priority to replace irrespective of when your customer update is planned.
All versions of the SyncMonitor will be available for download on our FTP site.

Click here for a detailed guide on how to access the Sage FTP site and the Sync Monitors.

New install files to enable you to perform the recommended updates for your customers and are detailed below and can be found on our FTP site and our Development Zone for the SDK:

  • If we do not upgrade to V7.20.9.014, will e get locked out and not be able to access our data any further?

  • Hi KSBZ

    There are 3 scenarios to consider here

    1. Running Sage Evolution with Elevated Privileges (Run as Administrator)

    The following critical error message will be displayed when opening Evolution.

    2. NOT running Sage Evolution with Elevated Privileges (Run as Administrator)

    Currently there may not be any issues but it remains HIGHLY risky anyways to run ANY SOFTWARE with an expired digital certificate. There may be any kind of still unknown issues that can creep into your package and processing, reporting abilities later. 

    Anyways, besides it being a strict software development industry standard for Sage to recommend all users run its software with UNEXPIRED digital certificates, also consider the following:

    Your company's internal and external auditor will also demand your accounting, payroll and HR software packages is running with unexpired software under any condition.

    3. Running Evo with Offline Branch Accounting:

    The following critical error will be displayed when opening the BA sync Monitor. This is because the Sync Monitor run automatically with Elevated Privileges that cannot be changed. 

    Kind Regards

    Bennie Pienaar 

  • Hi Bennie,

    Some clients are on Sage 100 - what is the latest version of Sage100 that the client can upgrade too?


  • Hi. 

    I have a client on 

    Current Evolution version: 7.00.204

    Do they need upgrading - I know it would be nice , cause it is an old version but is it mandatory?



  • Hi Shawn

    Answering both of your questions above:

    1. First note that Sage 100 Evolution has been discontinued as of April 2019 (but you can still confirm this with the Sage Sales Department on the exact date perhaps) 

    2. The current latest version is

    Open the link below for a detailed guide on how to access this version/build

    3. There is not a mandatory upgrade required for Evolution version 7.00.204. The mandatory upgrades are only applicable to the following version ranges:

    a) 7.20.X

    b) 10.0.X

    c) 10.1. X

    Kind Regards