Using Biometric in Sage 200 Evolution

Biometrics are rising as an advanced layer to many personal and enterprise security systems. Biometric identity has made many cautious about its use as a standalone authentication method.

Modern cybersecurity is focused on reducing the risks of passwords usage for this powerful security solution.

Traditional passwords have long been a point of weakness for security systems. Biometrics aims to answer this issue by linking proof-of-identity to our bodies and behaviour patterns.

Biometric systems apply measurements or physical characteristics that can be used to identify individuals. For example, fingerprint mapping, facial recognition, and retina scans are all forms of biometric technology, but these are just the most recognized options.

The following steps explains how to setup the Biometric features in Sage 200 Evolution.

1.On the agent Profile, select the option “Use Biometric”, then click the Setup button.


2.On the new screen below, select the ‘ZK Biometric’ option as a driver.

3.Thereafter it will automatically populate the Device driver installed for this device.

4.Now click on Enroll to open the screen below.

5.You will now need to place your finger on your physical Biometric device, which is then scanned, repeat this process three times.

6.Note that the first time you place your preferred finger on the Biometric device, it will show as per the screen below, with the fingerprint displayed on the middle screen first.

7.Now place the same finger on the Biometric Device for the second time. You should see the same result as in the screen below.

8.You then need to place the same finger on the Biometric device the third time to be scanned again. You should now observe the screen below and then click OK to continue.

9.The Agent Profile screen should now again automatically be opened. Click OK below 

10.Finally, log on as the agent for whom the fingerprint has been configured for.

Below is an additional Biometric setup for the digitalPersona device used to logon to Evolution.

1.Install the latest drivers for the biometric device and restart your pc/laptop.

2.(unzip UareU and install it from there. UareU is located into the biometric folder)

3.From the disk for you should have a Biometric folder; in that folder you will find another zipped folder called UareU


5.Extract the folder, thereafter you will see the below folders inside

6.Open the SDK folder, you will see one which is X86 (for 32bit operating system of windows) and another which shows X64(for 32bit operating system of windows), open the one that is specific to your windows operating system version.

7.If e.g., X64 (64-bit version of windows), then open the x64 folder, then run the setup file so that the drivers can be installed.

8. Login to Evolution with Admin agent.

9.Go to Agent Administration/ Agents and edit the Admin agent.

10.In the general tab select the option "Use biometric" and click the "setup" button.

11.Select the driver and the device, using the Digital persona driver name.

12.Click on the "Enroll" button and put your finger on the device.

(this will allow for any finger configuration).

You can scan 3 times on the same finger.

After a successful finger scan, you will see an image of the finger with green background. Save the changes. Press OK

Do this with other agents if necessary but using different finger.

13.Exit from Evolution and start it again. Now instead of typing agent name and password, just put your finger on the scanner.

If the finger exists in the Database, you will be able to log in successfully.