Dashboard sales graph: Reversing a sale


Thank you in advance for your help with this.

We generated an invoice which was paid by credit card via our stripe integration with Sage Accounting.

The sale was cancelled but no transaction was entered to reflect this (yet).

The person giving the money is allowing the owner to keep the funds to offset an unrelated debt.

The owner is keeping the money in the business, in the form of owner's equity.

(so the funds will now be posted to owner's equity instead of sales)

Here is the goal:

We wish to reverse/correct the transaction and post to the correct account, but in a way that the dashboard sales graph no longer reflects the sales amount.

Thanks again!!

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    Hi  - you should be able to do a general journal entry to reduce sales and increase the owners equity, Or you can do a credit memo to offset that particular invoice and use the ownes equity as the account. 

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    sorry,, yes we tried a journal entry, which technically makes our balances correct, but sadly it does not remove the sales from the dashboard sales graph which we have and the dashboard stillt thinks the sales are there,

    not sure how to do this in a way that fixes the dashboard view and removes the sales from the dashboard graph view

    it is the graph you see in sage accounting US when you click on summary -> sales