• Announcing multi-currency banking

    What's New

    Multi-currency banking (available for Accounting subscriptions only):

    Manage your business across multiple countries with ease. Now you can:

    • Accept and make payments in multiple countries
    • Easily set up a new bank account for the countries…
  • Data security and reducing potential threats

    At Sage we take our customers’ privacy and data security very seriously. As more and more business is conducted online, data security becomes an ever more important part of running a business. We need to work together to reduce the risk of potential threats…

  • Service Restored

    Hello Valued Customers, 

    We have been notified that the Salesforce outage has been resolved. This will resolve our ability to support you via the chat tool within your product.  We will be back online during normal business hours tomorrow morning. 


  • Service Interruption

    Valued Customers,

    Salesforce is currently experiencing a service interruption and that is affecting our ability to support you at this time.  This Salesforce interruption should not impact your use of the product, only your ability to contact us via the…

  • Get organized with Sage Accounting new enhancements

    We are now well into 2021 and in the midst of tax season. As a business owner, you have a lot to juggle while maximizing your financial performance. Sage Accounting is listening and continuing to provide enhancements to help you run your business.


  • Sage Accounting is helping make everyday tasks easier

    Simplicity in Complicated Times

    As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. To ensure you stay on top of your finances we've simplified some of your regular tasks and reports saving you valuable working hours.

    Improvements to reports and invoices…