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Upcoming financial expert workshops powered by Global Center of Excellence

Do not miss the opportunity to join these expert workshops that will provide you with in depth knowledge and firsthand experience that you can immediately use on your projects as many of your colleagues have already done. Bring your questions and problems to our 4 x 4h sessions and we will brainstorm them together in order to find the best solution. 

Consolidation Aggregation (Nov 14-17, 2022). Any time we work on multi-company project we are facing the critical requirements: we must consolidate the financial data and eliminate intercompany transaction based on the applicable legal requirements. There are several factors that can make this process challenging: different legislations, fiscal calendars, currencies, chart of accounts, etc.

Starting with building a comprehensive Account Core Model, we will explore different options that include but not limited to COA mapping, document types, elimination company, exporting/importing elimination entries. You will learn many advanced features that can be utilized in this process such as making changes to automatic journals, formulas per legislation, building custom import/export templates, creating custom document types, etc.

Multi-legislation setup (Dec 5 – 8, 2022). Attend this expert workshop to learn how to implement, in the same folder, companies coming from different countries and using different legislations.

After attending this session, you will:

  • Understand the methodology used to implement multi-legislation
  • Learn how to build a Core Model for a multi-legislation project
  • The steps to implement a new legislation for existing customer
  • Learn the best practices for a multi-legislation folder setup and common data.