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From reading through the forum, while posting here, it sounds like I will need to call Nancy and/or Caren2.

A long time client, a single atty office, within a year of retiring was experiencing computer issues.  I successfully migrated all of his practice over to a new PC to get him through 2023 except one application - Timeslips 10.1

I have ID, SN, config disks, and his backups.

I need a solution for my client so he can proceed with winding down his practice without incurring additional expenses.

The new PC is running Win11. As I try to resolve, I keep getting the notice about incompatibility with this OS.  The last two machines were Win7 and Win10.

Should I rebuild the new machine as Win10 or is there a straight forward solution to resolving this issue in Win11?

Suggestions on how best to proceed?

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