Payments made from Client Funds Account entered in Timeslips incorrectly now effecting A/R


I am a newer mostly self taught Timeslips user and I am having trouble fixing an error.  I entered  payments we made from a clients Trust acct (IOLTA) in Timeslips  for  items this particular  Clients estate paid using its available Funds.  We want our client to see on  their  invoice  the running balance of their Funds account and all payments made from it . These payments should not have been applied to client Invoices(except one) however the others did . I entered them as Payment from Account and I think in doing so applied them to invoices effecting the A/R balance?  We invoiced the client for Attorney Fees and Costs prior to this and now have a  payment from the client (not using IOLTA Funds) waiting to be applied but cant because there A/R is showing as negative.  How do you correct this so it shows the Funds transactions correctly and their A/R is correct. I was wondering if I select "Clear Applies" in the Client Funds Transactions for the entries that are effecting the A/R is an option? I have not tried this as I do not want to create further issues. Thank you so much for any advice you may have.


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