Back up and transfer


Our firm has our timeslips networked and one station restored a back up but forgot to switch it back and entered in new slips. Now both databases are not matching. There are 181 slips that need to be on the current database. Is there a simplified way to transfer the slips to the main database without having to manually enter everything?


  • You can export and import. Export a slip list to excel. You do have to make a few edits like removing dollar signs. Then you create an import template to import the entries into the database where they should be. Not difficult if you know how. Would be happy to assist. 

  • While Caren's suggestion will work, I think there is solution that is just a bit easier.

    Since you are going from Timeslips to Timeslips, you can use the Archive/Combine to get the slips over. Create an Archive file of the 181 slips and then use the provided Combine.TPL and TSImport to bring them in. No need to create a raw ASCII file and then a custom import template. The Combine.TPL "knows" how to read an Archive file already.

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