Reports - Collections and Collections By Period

Today I ran the Collections by Period for all Timekeepers from April-June 2022.  Two thousand dollars was posted under the Attorney column as N/A for the month of June 2022.  So, I ran the Collections Report for the month of June to breakdown the collections we received that month.  I found the client and looked the invoice I had created.  We had reduced the attorney's fees to $2,000.00 and the costs remained $573.88 for a total balance of $2,573.88, and this was submitted to the client.  The client paid that amount and it was finalized.  Can you tell me why the attorney is not getting credit for the $2,000.00 fees that were collected.  Does it have something to do with adjusting the fees?  I don't see how it could as the same attorney worked on this file.  What am I missing?  Please help.  Thanks.