Sage Timeslips - September 2016 Service Release

September 2016 Service Release has just released. This Service Release is the result of customer feedback and continued quality assurance testing. Listed below are enhancements and issues that are fixed with this Service Release.

Listed below are some of the issues that are now fixed in the new Service Release:

  • When entering text in custom fields, you could enter more characters than the field allowed.
    You can set up custom fields (select Setup > Custom Fields) to store data values that Sage Timeslips typically does not track. Some of the ways you can use these values is to filter data or sort data appearing on bills and reports. When you entered text in these custom fields, you could enter more characters than the field should allow, so text that you thought you saved may get truncated.
  • The “Include payments with unapplied amounts” option was not saved with Billing Assistant
    You can use Billing Assistant (select Bills > Billing Assistant) to review information for each client’s next bill. You can set Selection options at the bottom of Billing Assistant to determine which slips and transactions are included in calculations. If you change the “Include payments with unapplied amounts” option, it’s state is not saved for when you next open Billing Assistant.
  • Replacement slips were affecting pre-bill worksheets.
    Replacement slips (select Slips > Replacement Slips) allow you to merge many slips into one entry on the printed bill. Replacement slips were also merging slips on pre-bill worksheets; they shouldn’t affect pre-bill worksheets.
  • When merging time and expense charges on bills, sorting may not be correct.
    When formatting bill layouts (select Bills > Bill and Statement Layouts), you can merge time and expense charges so they appear together on the bill. When merging these charges, time slip would appear before expense charges, regardless of the sort order you had set up.
  • Clients with a previous balance, time charges held, and expense charges held will not produce a bill.
    You can use the Holds page of Client Information (select Names > Client Info) to hold charges from the next bill. If you hold time charges and expense charges for a client, you will not be able to print a bill for that client, even if it has a previous balance.

For additional fixes & enhancements please download & install the latest Service Release.