Sage Timeslips Best Kept Secrets, Part 3…

Thanks for joining us for the final Best Kept Secrets posting. We hope you've enjoyed the series and we look forward to bringing you new and exciting information from the Sage Timeslips product line in the future.  If there's something in the program you want to have more information about, please let us know. 

Data Entry Assistant

In most companies, there is often one person that enters time for multiple people. This means that if you want to see all the time entered for one day by that person that does the data entry, it will only show entries that actually contain that user’s name.  But if that person doesn’t enter time for themselves, how do you see a list of all the slips they did for the day? There is a solution to this conundrum and surprisingly it’s one of the oldest and most under-utilized features in Sage Timeslips. I proudly present to you, the Data Entry Assistant!

The Data Entry Assistant allows you to see all transactions that were entered during a day by the logged-in timekeeper. You can see the time and expense slips, payments, and client funds created in aa variety of periods including day, month, year, or custom date range. The Data Entry Assistant also includes a summary tab that allows you to get the totals for all entries in one convenient place. The best part is, you can enter slips, payments and funds all from this location and print out the information as needed. It truly is a one-stop shop!

 Whether you’re new to Sage Timeslips or been around since the DOS days like me, there’s plenty of untapped treasures stored within that are worth a second look. So take the program out for a spin, kick the tires a bit, and find out all that Sage Timeslips has to offer you.