Sage Timeslips Best Kept Secrets, Part 1….

I think the most common phrase I hear from clients daily is “I know I’m not using Timeslips to it’s full potential”.  Many just barely scratch the surface of what our full featured software has to offer, and even more are unaware of some of the time saving aspects that can make things faster and easier for you.  Here’s a quick peek under the hood to show you some of the hidden gems you should be taking advantage of.

Quick bill

While Sage Timeslips is designed to easily handle the complexities of the billing process, you may have a time where you need to generate a more basic bill on-the-fly. We’ve introduced the Quick Bill feature to make this process seamless.

From the Quick Bill display you can create a bill for a new or existing client, enter up to 10 time and expense slips, enter payments, and even email the bill directly to the client all on one screen! The Quick Bill feature is truly a convenient way to run those one-off bills and an easy-to-use tool to enter time without contending with some of the more robust options in the slip entry window.  

Stay tuned for more information on how to best take advantage of Sage Timeslips!!!