Sage 500 ERP setup in Windows 8.1


I am trying to learn the setup of Sage 500 ERP ver 5.4 following the book I borrowed from library. I am using Windows 8.1. 

I am stuck in creating "company databases using database setup (Step 4)".

I finished Step 1 - 3:

1: Copy the dump files from the CD onto a temporary folder

2: Create target folders

3: Create data source names

Under Step 4, #1 says "Start Database Setup from either the START button or a desktop shortcut. if not sure, ask your instructor."

How do I get this database setup option to finish the step 4 and go to the next one?

Please help and thanks in advance.


  • Hi Rashidul, 

    Thanks for reaching out. Seems your questions are about  the student version for Accpac 500 ERP Version 5.5 (now called Sage 300 ERP). We do have another product called Sage 500 ERP but it doesn't have a student version and would have been called MAS 500 ten plus years ago.

    Perhaps this alternate post on how to Install accpac 500 erp 5.5 student edition may offer you some insights.

    Since this version is from 2007, I was unable to find anything in our archive. But did find this PDF setup checklist for System Manager. Sage Accpac 5-4 SM Setup Checklist.pdf
    Hope this helps!

    Warm Regards,