Sage Abra Suite: Powerful Migration Paths to Explore before December 2020

As part of our strategy to deliver market leading solutions to our customers, we have made the decision to retire Sage Abra Suite, effective December 28, 2020.

What does this mean for you?
September 2020 will be the final release for Sage Abra Suite. After this date we will no longer provide product updates, security fixes, or tax and legislative updates. On December 28, 2020, you will no longer receive support through our support center, or through Sage City.

What is the alternative to Sage Abra Suite?
With the impending retirement of Sage Abra Suite, we recommend migrating to our Sage HRMS solution.

What are the advantages of Sage HRMS?
Sage HRMS is a customizable on-premise solution for managing the entire employee life cycle while supporting company objectives. Built on SQL server, Sage HRMS provides reliability, security, and scalability. There are many similarities between Sage Abra Suite and Sage HRMS, which is why it is the easiest migration path for Abra customers.

How do I migrate?
There are two paths for migration:
1. Contact Your Sage Business Partner
2. Contact Sage Professional Services group
There is no wrong way to migrate.

Which migration solution is best for me?
Choosing the right migration solution will depend on your unique business needs. Rely on your business partner or Sage account manager to guide you towards the right migration method for your business.

What is the timeline for a migration to Sage HRMS?
This will vary. Migrations will have their own timelines depending on what your Abra setup looks like and what data you intend to take with you into your Sage HRMS solution. Please note, the data that is in Abra will remain in Abra even past the retirement date. You will still have access to that data once you migrate to Sage HRMS.

What are my next steps?
Please contact your Sage business partner or Sage account manager for additional information. They can walk you through how to select the migration path that is right for you.

Here are a few things you’ll want to consider before talking with your partner or account manager:
- Am I current on support?
- Are my server operating systems up to date?
- What custom payroll reports (if any) do I need to keep?
- How many employees are managed on my solution?
- How much payroll data am I interested in bringing over to Sage HRMS?
- What changes might my payroll need?
- What additional capabilities am I interested in?

For more resources on moving from Sage Abra Suite to Sage HRMS, visit: or contact us at 1-866-271-6050