Auto Depreciation not reconciling with our Lawson #s


Our company is in the process of converting from Lawson to Sage and we aren't getting our autos to reconcile on life to date depreciation. The first year of depreciation reconciles in both systems because we take the 168 allowance it's the years that follow that aren't reconciling. I'm putting these autos up as property type A, same placed in service date, acquisition value, convention, life, and method but still there's a variance on our Tax book with the MA200 method. We have decided (with advice from our tax consultant) to reconcile life to date depreciation with Lawson's # and then going forward we will take the # Sage is calculating. I am curious if anyone else faced this problem or if there's something I might not be considering that could reconcile the 2 systems and give us some reassurance that we have put them in correctly and have the correct life to date depreciation.