Straight Line Calculation

Is there somewhere that I can find details on the formulas used by sage to calculate deprecation?

We are moving from Lawson Fixed Assets to Sage Fixed Assets and our calculations are not coming out correctly. 


  • Hello rosauers,

    There is KB ID:17273 which kind breaks down the calculation in a way that it can be applied else where. Of course, the Current year calculation using 100% 168, the calculation is basically the value less the value which get put in the 168 Allowance amount and there is no calculation of depreciation in the current year.

    Here is an example I often use for the MF200 Method

    ((Value/Life)*2 (the declining balance percentage)/2 (Half Year convention)

    ((NBV as of the end of the first year/Life)*2 (the declining balance percentage)

    Of course, this is simplification which can be modified by many different elements in the Company or asset itself.

    Do you know the formula used in the prior software? If I knew that with an example asset, I would probably be able to tell you where they differ.