Inventory Tracking


Besides using the Inventory Software module, any suggestions for tracking inventory. 

  • We have multiple companies and over 100,000 total assets.  
  • We do not have staff available to conduct physical inventories.
  • Our IT department uses a separate software platform to track assets, but the two systems do not interact without manual intervention.
  • The integrity of the data we have in our system is questionable as information does not always get passed to the correct people.

Any suggestions are welcome.

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    Hello Amy,

    Basically, what you are talking about is reconciling the SFA with another program which I know nothing about. The only thing support could suggest would be some variation on a manual process which seems you already figured out.

    I can only suggest maybe talking the SES guys and see if they can build a custom interface for this issue, see How do I contact Sage Expert Services? (62949) for how to get that started.


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    Hi Amy,

    It was a pleasure talking in person with you last week. Thank you for your time and for being a customer for many years! As we discussed, I forwarded your contact information to our SES (Sage Expert Services) team. You should hear from them soon if you haven't already. 


  • Hello Amy-

    I noticed your post, and wanted to advise that we have worked with other clients in the past that wanted to integrate separate asset tracking systems with SFA.  We have prepared routines to do this as needed, provide reports showing exepctions, and update SFA Tracking to reflect changes in the alternate systems.  I'm happy to discuss further if you are still working on options for addressing this.  We also provide inventory field audit services.  


    [email protected]