• Workers Comp Wages

    In 5-1-5-21 Worker's Comp Report, the Workers Comp Wages column is deducting the employee paid health insurance and 401K amounts. I'm sure its due to how those two payroll calculations are set up. I need to change something in the calculations, but, I…

  • Calculated Field for custom report form in 6-6-1 (POs) for POs issued through 11-2 (Work Orders)

    I am trying to write a calculated field expression that will pull in a Service Work Orders (11-2) location number and name, as well as the location address when there is a document# in the PO Document# field. If there is no Document# in the PO Document#…

  • Entering a job deposit/retainer

    I'd love to hear how others enter job deposits?  We use Progress billing as well as Time & Material billing as the Invoice Detail for each Progress Invoice.


  • issue with DB copy

    I want to make a copy of my Sage 100 DB so we can start user acceptance testing. When I copied my LIVE database that contains financials and job, etc, my copy doesn't have any financials. It's like the copy function only selected certain tables (vendor…

  • Terminate connection without running tune up?

    Is it at all possible to terminate connections to the database without running a full tune up? It seems like the functionality is there and there are times we need to run in exclusivity mode just for short periods of time without waiting 20 minutes for…

  • Posting Mechanic Labor to Equipment Expense in the GL

    Mechanic Labor Posting problem. Sometimes our mechanic doesn’t list on his timecard, what equipment he worked on during the week. The payroll department will use our Equipment Repair cost code when entering his time, but if an equipment number isn’t entered…

  • Payroll Calculation - OR statewide Transit Tax Effective 7-1-2018 - rate .001 ---Wondering how to set this payroll employee calculation up in Sage?

    Payroll Calculation - OR statewide Transit Tax Effective 7-1-2018 - rate .001 ---Wondering how to set this payroll employee calculation up in Sage?

  • In 3.9 Unitary Billing, how do I correct the Unitary Price after an initial save?

    I realized subsequent to manually entering the line items that I could have imported the information over. I caught my error prior to saving but saved the information thinking I could go back and update as needed which I now realize is wrong. How do I…

  • How to track shop labor?


    I am trying to find the best way to track shop labor. Its very difficult to get a straight answer. 

    Here is the scenario:

    We have Sage 100 contractor

    We have Sage SSO

    We have an in-house shop and 2 mechanics and 100 pieces of equipment.


  • Report Writer decimal points

    If I want to change the number of decimals reported in a calculated field, how would I do that?

  • No Backup Warning Message

    If your workstations are receiving the "No Backup Warning" message when they log into Sage 100 Contractor 2016 (version or less) it may be caused by...

    • a missing component of Database Administration for Sage 100 Contractor SQL (DA…
  • Changing Job Cost Methodology

    Need to modify the Cost Codes in Sage 100 CRE.  We have TOO many cost codes plus when they were originally set up that person used a 5 diget plus 3 decimal XXXXX.XXX cost code.  Much too complicated for our field personnel to get it right.  I want to change…

  • Customer Aging Reports

    Currently Sage 100 Contractor does not offer a customer aging that combines job and service receivables. Has anyone had success at creating a report to accomplish this? 

  • RE: Expense vs. Budget Reporting: Does anyone have a custom Income Statement Report with SubAccount Detail Actual/ Budget?

    We have found a consultant who specializes in building custom Sage Reports.  We have submitted the request for the report "Income Statement Budget vs Actual with Subaccount Detail."   You can contact me directly for more information.

  • Importing Data

    Is there anyway to import anything into Sage 100 Contractor?  Certainly there is some mechanism for migrating data from QuickBooks or Excel to Sage 100... right? 

  • Labor Contractor Tracking

    Looking for suggestions on tracking labor contractor employee time daily by job/by cost code. Would like this information to flow through the payroll module but unable to pay vendors through that module. Curious how other companies track this data?

  • Sage Contractor 100 Version 19.2 - Do not create archive file until all prior year data is entered

    I did not see any other posts about this and I only was able to find this out by calling into the support line (and waiting for 2 hours) so if this helps someone...

    Note that with the new version 19.2 Sage Contractor 100 you are not supposed to create…