Payroll posting detail

Our client posts their payroll in summary format so when I look at the detail in the general ledger the description says "Payroll Summary".  When I drill down on that line item it just takes me to the summary journal entry posting that particular payroll.  I'm looking to see what employees make up the number in the G/L but have not been able to find that.  I've seen a report called "Payroll Posting Detail" in PDF form, which I believe is generated when the payroll is posted.  I'm wondering if it's possible to run this Payroll Posting Detail report after the payroll is posted and can it be run in excel format?

  • HI Doug

     I am not familiar with a report called Payroll Posting Detail that is provided with the software. Since you are seeing it in PDF format, it may be a report that is produced by the software when the payroll is posted, or perhaps when it is processed.   There are reports in Payroll, Reports, Reconciliation that can be used to see the detail of what was distributed to each GL Account.

  • in reply to Denise Paulus

    I don't see a report that provides the posting detail. Can you elaborate please?