Timberscan Capture vs. Sage Paperless Construction OCR

We have been using Sage Paperless for the past 5 years and it has done everything we needed it to so far. It cut down our initial AP process from 22 working days start to finish to about 10. However, we have transitioned to 1 person in accounting vs. 3 so I am trying to find the best ways to save time and the best solution right now seems to be implementing an OCR or Capture system to further speed up the invoicing process.

I process roughly 1600-1700 invoices per month. Has anyone used either scanning/OCR systems? Which do you like better? What do you currently use?

Sage Paperless Construction would be the easiest to implement since we already use the base software, but from the presentation it doesn't seem as though it would save as much time as TimberScans Capture product?

Any insights or feedback on either program would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,