Payroll Year End...HELP!!

I am in desperate need of a professional/friends help. I'm the new Controller since September of this year. I've closed the year before I can audit/reconcile any errors so I can process the payroll so everyone can get paid on time. I did a test run for the W2 and there are a handful of employees that's coming up with error messages. I've lost about half a head of hair thus far...please help.

One of the message is:

Box 3 (Social security wages) + Box 7 (social security tips) x 6.2% must be within $1.00 of Box 4 (social security withheld). [9 warnings found]

Box 5 (medicare wages) x 1.45% (if over $200,000 additional 0.9%) must be within $1.00 of Box 6 (medicare withheld). [9 warnings found]