Expense vs. Budget Reporting: Does anyone have a custom Income Statement Report with SubAccount Detail Actual/ Budget?


We are working with Sage 100 Contractor.   We are using Subaccounts in our General Ledger.  We want an Income Summary with Subaccount Detail Actual/ Budget report.   Currently S100 has an Income Summary with Subaccount detail Actual/ Income, but no option to modify the report to show Subaccount Actual/Budget data.

Has anyone else had the need to see Subaccount Actual/ Budget reports?

Did you make a custom Report in Sage?
Did you use Crystal Reports or Liberty Reports?  If so, was it fairly simple?
Otherwise, is there another way to get a report like this without exporting to .xls and manually entering in the Budget Amounts?

We are going to find a solution to this. If you want to know, please respond to the post.

  • So Currently, The previaling solution to Income Summary Actual vs. Budget with Subaccount detail is only achievable by exporting your Actual Expense data to Excel, merging (ex by Pivot Table) the Subaccount Budgets and Actual Expense into a new spreadsheet where you can then calculate the variance.   We are currently contacting consultants to build a custom report (if possible).   Will keep this thread posted with any updates on the viability of getting this report straight out of Sage 100.  If you have any additional ideas on this matter, please let us know.  

  • We have found a consultant who specializes in building custom Sage Reports.  We have submitted the request for the report "Income Statement Budget vs Actual with Subaccount Detail."   You can contact me directly for more information.

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