Updating cost types 6-9 in Sage 100

Hi There, I would like to add additional cost types that can be added to all jobs, is there a way to do this? The user defined options 6-9 I would like to re-lable. I cant find where to do this other than in 6-3 and that seems to be specific to each project. 

  • You have to have Administrator access. From there you can enter a job number in the upper left corner, then click in the column you want to re-label. Press F7, then enter the new name in the "user description" box. I believe this can only be done with certain fields. Cost Types for 1-5 are pre-defined as Material, Labor, Equipment, Subcontract, and Other, as they are programmatically linked to other modules. You can change the user name, but for example cost type 2 will always reflect the amounts from the payroll module. So I would not advise changing the user description for these 5 cost types.

    Hope this helps.

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