how do I get a cost code breakdown of an account?


I would like to see a report of what cost code was used in and account.  For example I have an account for supplies and we put a lot of supplies and have cost codes to distinguish what is what but the account only shows one amount and we would like to see how it was broken down with the cost codes.

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    Cost codes are on job cost reports, not general ledger reports. And your GL account would have to be a direct expense account to even hit jobs. 

    If you run the 2-4 report for that account, you can drill into each transaction and look at the job costs associated.  Or if you make a list of the record numbers, you could use the "in list" option for printing records in 1-3 and check the include job costs option.  Or if you know the vendor, there is a AP job cost audit report in 4-1-2, but its not modifiable and doesn't appear to include cost code so again you would have to drill down into it.  That's about all I can offer.

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    Is there a way I can create my own custom report that would display the cost codes for a direct expense GL account.

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