Unable to connect when launching Live Chat within Sage BusinessWorks

Less than one minute read time.

If you receive the error "Unable to connect" when launching Live Chat within Sage BusinessWorks.

Close the Sage BusinessWorks and change your default internet browser to see if the website is blocked from within other web browsers.

If using Google Chrome you may try the following:

  • In the Sage program, click on the Live Chat module icon
    • When the window displays click the Lock icon to the left of the address bar and select 'Cookies'
    • Remove the cookie for the page: 'webcomponentv2.pegg.sage.com'
    • Try the Live Chat connection again from within the program
    • If still 'unable to connect' you may need to review the site settings for the Live Chat website:
      • To the left of the Live Chat web address, click the Lock icon  and select 'Site settings'
      • Review the permissions and settings for the Live Chat website
  • If still receiving the issue launch chat from outside the Sage BusinessWorks program
    1. Open your internet browser to www.sagecity.com/resources 
    2. Select Sage BusinessWorks as your product
    3. Under Contact select Chat with Sage