Importing payroll

Hello, Im trying to import my payroll from paychex. and when i do a get  this:

An error occurred importing the file C:\Users\Steve\Desktop\pr102821.csv Thos happens on Line Number 1 Field Name: Date.  Has anyone ran into this problem ?

  • Unless you have the Paychex file set up with the required Sage 50 import format for the Payroll Journal, then you will receive errors during your import process. Our company offers support assistance with importing, as well as automated integration solutions. Please reach out to us if interested in discussing further, 800-780-0700 / 954-961-0600

  • The date field on the Sage payroll journal import is in the 6th column, which is column F. As per the Sage help import guideline, 

    Date - Date of the transaction. Must be in ##/##/## (month/day/yr) format.
    Please reach out to us if you need any assistance.
    Kim Clement 800 303-7770