Window 10 Sage 50 and Crystal compatibility - GetPeach Functions not working

Does anyone know how to get the GetPeach Functions working in Crystal after upgrading to Windows 10?  We have confirmed that the file U2Lpeach.dll is installed on the machine and Crystal can clearly see the functions but it can't seem to pull the data or invoke the function when the report runs.  It was suggested that it may be a Windows 10 permission issue.  Not sure how to correct this and have a few clients and several reports that are no longer functioning after their machines have been updated.



  • Hi Michelle,  You did not mention what v of Sage 50 you are running.  Since about v 2012, crystal is no longer present and the GetPeach expressions are also not available.  The GetPeach expressions were written with C++ and unfortunately when Sage dropped crystal, the GetPeach expressions were lost as well.  Sage's own report writer, Intelligence Reporting can do all the things that the GetPeach expressions could but it may take a bit of PSQL skill to get what you need.  I am an expert with Intelligence Reporting and Crystal Reports as well.  If you need some assistance, we can chat about that offline.