How to change accounting period without reboot?

I have a client that has to reboot their server every time they change the accounting period because it says multiple users are logged in even though they are not.  I found this other thread but the answer links do not work nor can I search for them.

I am very new to Sage but provide IT support for several clients that use it.  Other clients do not have to do this and this client did not have to do this until they got a new server.  Sage shows only one user logged in but yet then claims that changing accounting period is a single user function and cannot be performed.  Is there something on the server that is not releasing all of the users that log out?  I'm not quite sure if I am wording this right, but it does seem to be a similar issue as the one above.  Thanks!

  • I did not.  Mine had to do specifically with remote sessions and users not logging out correctly.  I tried to retrain users, I run a script on the 1st of every month that kicks out all their sessions, and then the controller at the company knows if she sees the issue she reboots the server.  I did not spend much more time on it as they are running 2016 and won't upgrade, so I can't provide them much support.

  • If you have Sage Exchange, Paya Exchange, Act! or other connected services, those programs must be closed to allow for a period change.  An Admin can go to File> User Login manager.   It will tell you who/what is connected.  Some Items don't show but most users know when they are sharing data with another program

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