Prepayment/Deposit from customer Credit Card

I received money from a credit card from a customer outside of Sage 50, this was a deposit/prepayment, how can I record this credit card transaction for prepayment. Also, I would like to somehow show that we received this amount less the credit card fee, if possible. 

  • Prepayments are recorded through the Receive Money function, which is located on the Customers & Sales tab, or in the Tasks Menu. Once you select the Customer ID, fill in the Date and Reference Number, then check mark the Prepayment box, and enter the dollar amount. With this said, you cannot record a Discount showing that the payment was less a credit card fee. In this case, you will have to enter a General Journal Entry for the credit card fee (debit Credit Card Expense/Bank Charges, credit Cash). For normal Invoices that you've issued to Customers, you would be able to enter the Discount when applying the Receive Money entry, with the Discount being the amount of the credit card fee, selecting the proper G/L Account at the bottom of the entry screen. 800-780-0700 / 954-961-0600

  • Thank you, I will give this a try. 

  • I’m still having a difficult time making it hit the statement correctly with a credit card prepayment.

    charged customer s credit card 3979.14. ( we don’t need this amount anywhere).

    $3839.72 hit bank account because the fee was already taken by cc square processing company. 
    the fee was $139.42.

    The salesman told customer $3,858 will go toward their job ( so should eventually show up on the customer statement. This should be the prepayment amount) 

    Can I make this work somehow? Or do I need to create credit card invoices outside of Sage 50?

  • To clarify - (1) you charged the Customer $3979.14, (2) you are only giving the Customer a prepayment credit of $3858 for that payment, (3) the credit card fees were $139.42, and (4) that leaves a difference of $18.28. You will need to (1) enter a prepayment to the Customer's account through Receive Money in the amount of $3858, then (2) you will need to enter a General Journal Entry that debits cash for $121.14 and credits credit card fees in the amount of $121.14 (the difference between what you charged the Customer for credit card fees and what the bank charged you for the credit card fees). 800-780-0700 / 954-961-0600