W7 workstation does not run Sage 50 after Server update to sage 50 Premium accounting 2022

Hi team,

At beginning of Novembrer 2021 I get a message from my server that there is a new update available, and after looking for every where I decide to run this update in my server, but after the update all my W7 workstation start to dont run Sage50 at all.

The workarount I have at this moment is to work with a RDP session to the server but this situation slow down all user activites. 

Now the question: is posible to roll back this last update to the earlier before that still working with Windows 7 Workstations? for me is imposible to upgrade to W10 so I have other expensive design software running that is imcompatible with W10... so my best choice is run back in sage50.

I feel I could have another problem, the users are still using for all this month the RDP session doing accounting, invoices, quotes and everything, in case I can go back to my old Sage 50 version... could I still work with this database of data, or I need to first try to export to some place to after the restore keep all my records until today?

Please this is very Urgent. so will wait for your sugestions.

  • If the update that you loaded was Sage 50 2022, then yes, you can go back to Sage 50 2021.1.1 without losing your data. You would want to either contact Sage directly for assistance with this, or reach out to a Sage 50 Certified Consultant (such as ourselves) for assistance, so that you don't lose your data during the uninstall/reinstall process. However, this is not recommended, and instead, your issue should be address with Windows. Microsoft ended support on Windows 7 on January 14, 2020. While the operating system does still work, continuing to run Windows 7 opens yourself up to vulnerabilities (viruses, malware attacks, etc.). Sage will most likely drop the Windows 7 compatibility when Sage 50 2023 is released towards the end of next year. In the meantime, I see that you have two recommended choices - (1) upgrade your Windows 7 systems to Windows 10, or (2) work with Sage and/or a Sage 50 Certified Consultant to find out why your Sage 50 program is not working. We have several clients running Sage 50 2022 on Windows 7 systems, and we'd be happy to work with you to find a solution for you. https://pcosupport.com 800-780-0700 / 954-961-0600