Unable to open Peachtree session- Peachtree270.ini does not exist


I'm trying to open a Peachtree session to connect to Sage 50 accounting software.  I'm using Sage 50 2021 software and 2021 SDK. Both are installed on the same machine.

Below is the exception that I'm getting-

**** Inner Exception Type: System.IO.FileNotFoundException
**** Inner Error: C:\ProgramData\Sage\Peachtree\Peachtree270.ini does not exist.
**** Inner Source: Sage.Peachtree.API.Resolver
**** Inner Stack Trace:
at Sage.Peachtree.API.Resolver.PeachtreeConfiguration.GetProgramPathFromINI()
at Sage.Peachtree.API.Resolver.PeachtreeConfiguration.get_ProgramPath()
at Sage.Peachtree.API.AssemblyInitializer.Initialize()
at Sage.Peachtree.API.PeachtreeSession..cctor()
**** Exception Type: System.TypeInitializationException
**** Error: The type initializer for 'Sage.Peachtree.API.PeachtreeSession' threw an exception.

Below is my code to get the session-

apiSession = new PeachtreeSession();
string appID = "<appID>";

I dint see an issue before when I used 2020SDK with 2020 Sage 50. This is after upgrading the SDK to 2021 to use with 2021 Sage50. It's still trying to look for the 2020 INI file in the system.

Please let me know how I can resolve this issue?

Thank you