Sage 2020 Locking Users Out

Has anyone else had the issue of Sage 2020 running the the processes and details in task manager but not showing the interface and then locking the PT.LCK file and SUA00021.LCK file on their server? Every morning this happens with our Sage 50 and we have about 20-25 constant users daily. Support hasn't been able to resolve the issue and I'm looking for anyone that can help out.

  • We have been experiencing this since upgrading on October 2.    Complete reinstalls at the server and ~15 workstations has not resolved this.

    do you have sage backup jobs that run at night?  When you look at the properties of the SUA lock file, who owns/created it?  A “dir /q” will tell you also in the Company folder.  I haven’t pinpointed it but a cursory google search for: sage “PT.LCK” only brings up this post for the most part.  I’ll be looking more in depth soon.  When in doubt, procmon!

  • I don't have Sage doing backups, I have a third-party software doing backups but i can disable those for a week and see what happens. I'll have to try a dir /q in the company folder the next time it happens. Maybe 2020.1 will address this issue.

  •     While I have been researching this issue I have noticed that if you monitor the root company directory. (I.E. sage/peachtree/company) One can see the file SUA00021.lck populate temporarily when a user initially logs into PT. It seems this file is meant to very briefly lock the directory until the user can be placed in the proper store company folder. After the user gets placed, the SUA00021.lck file is should be deleted/removed automatically from the root company directory. Afterward, a .lck file should then be placed in the needed company folder the user is attempting to access locking it so no one else can access while the user is logged in. It seems the problem is the process that is supposed to remove/delete that SUA00021.lck file is not working properly. 

        I have found that closing the SUA00021.lck file, found in "open files" on the server in the "computer management" program will most of the time, allow all users to log in. On occasion the user that populated the SUA00021.lck file, found in "open files", needs to reboot their computer after the open file is closed. If that user continues to create the SUA00021.lck file, you can uninstall their Actian PSQL program and reinstall. 

        To uninstall, you can find it near the top of the program list under "uninstall or change a program" in the control panel. To re-install open the sage installer files and go to the following path:

    Sage 50 2020 Disk\PervasiveMin

    After doing so run SetupWorkgroup32_x86.exe 

    While installing the program, make sure to install it as a service. 

        Hopefully, this helps others that are running into this issue. Please let me know if anyone knows of a permanent solution to this problem. I know that Sage is aware of this and I cannot believe this has not been fixed or addressed. This has cost our company a lot of time and money. We are extremely disappointed in sage and hope there will be a very quick resolution provided by them soon.

  • For a couple month it seemed like this hasn't been an issue for our company at least (now it looks like its blowing up again). It seems to me there has to of been a Windows update that made this happen again. Yesterday was our first time getting the message back. I agree our company has wasted a lot of time and money (and my IT stress level just jumped back up) as well as disappointed that Sage knows this issue for months and hasn't addressed it.

  • If running into this issue, please send me a direct (private) message with your contact information so that I may have someone from our Support team contact you and provide assistance.