Sage500 API Documentation

I am new to Sage and we are looking for Sage500 API documentation because we need to pull data from Sage into a different receivables application.  I have been looking around on the website and cannot find anything and I have made 10 calls to 10 different people but everyone at Sage I have spoken to says that it is not their area and they pass me on to someone else who says the same thing !!!!  Help

  • There are no APIs to pull data from Sage 500.  There are only APIs/Data Migration routines to import data to it.  The documentation for these are part of the Sage 500 SDK. 

    If all you need to do is pull data from Sage 500, you'll need to become familiar with the schema browser that comes with Sage 500 and how all the tables are structured and relate.  I would also suggest looking at the views that populate the various Business Insight Explorers as they may have much of the data you are looking for already formatted for you.  These SQL views are prefixed with vdv (Example: vdvCustomer).

  • Thanks so much Lou.  Now we know exactly where to go and what to do.  Is this the same routine for Sage300 ? 

  • Hi - Pulling data out of a SQL database should be pretty easy for a SQL programmer.  Lou is correct of course that using the Schema Browser and looking at views is good but honestly if you're not a SQL programmer I would find someone who is (Lou would be a great resource) and have them jump start you.  At a 500 foot level I would just create a table with InvcKey from tarInvoice (to keep track of what you have done) and use that to know which invoices I've pulled from MAS 500.  You can use the view vdvInvoice and/or vdvInvoiceLine to grab the data.  Should be easy (again for a SQL person).  Getting someone who is familiar with SQL will be worth every penny in time saved and aggravation avoided.  John

  • John - thanks, makes sense.  Right now I have access to a SQL programmer at the client but will need to get some time from them.  Good to know that Lou is a pro !