GL Registers printing in Portrait instead of Landscape

Hello, since upgrading to 2021 version we've noticed some reports and some GL Register screens are printing in Portrait and not Landscape and so are cutting off the data.   This doesn't happen 100% of the time, and is different when uses log into different machines.   Any idea how we can force all registers to print in Landscape?   (like I said, it prints landscape on some machines...)

  • Katie,

    Could you give some specific register reports that you are seeing this behavior. From what it sounds like in your post it is User/Machine specific, am I understanding that correctly?

    Are these printers that are being used shared printers or are they individual printers connected directly to each machine?

    To really figure out what is happening we may need to look at an instance of where the register is printing Portrait and review all the items that impact how reports get their orientation. Report definition, printer definition, and print job preferences(set on specific print job) all can affect this and maybe something is not being taken into account correctly.

    I do recall that some reports were impacted where some settings were not being passed to the print job from the Print preferences, I can't remember what Version/Product Update this was fixed in but can dig into that.



  • Thanks for responding!  Actually, you brought up a good point about the printers.  I connected with the user having the issue this morning and changed their default printer and the registers are printing fine now.   Thank you!

  • Great news!!! thank you for posting the info here!