Sage 500 ERP 1099 Tax Year 2020 Stand-Alone Updates - Refreshed

If you have previously downloaded this year's 1099 Stand-Alone Updates for Tax Year 2020 before 7:00 AM PST on December 28, 2020, then you should redownload them as a couple of things have changed.  Also, be sure to download and READ the release notes for the best experience.

  • TY 2020 1099 updates for MAS 500 ERP Version 2018 was downloaded and applied again on Jan 4 on both server and client workstation. Process was successful but Vendor 1099 Activity Report for NEC form does not show any vendor. However if amount in Edit Voucher 1099 Data is manually typed and saved then vendor data show up in above report. Our organization has numerous entities with lots of vendors, so manually editing each NEC vendor in each entity will be very time consuming. Do you have any solution to the problem? 

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    I'll try to get a look at this tomorrow.

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    We can see the issue.  We hope to have a refresh shortly for those who have not downloaded the database portion of the stand-alone.  It is likely that a data fix will be provided to those that have already run it and applied it to their production database.  It turns out that when the process is run, the payment application records are not being updated with the form/box changes, so they refer to the original form/box combinations.  So on payment applications, if the payment application referenced 1099-MISC box 7 before the update, it will stay that way and not change to 1099-NEC box 1.  Similarly, if it referenced 1099-MISC box 10 before the update, it will stay the same and not change to 1099-MISC box 9, etc.

    At this point, we think it is more of a reporting issue involving payments to vendors, and not an issue that would cause 1099 amounts to be incorrect on 1099 forms.

    We are working on this with the highest priority.

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    Any update on this Ramon?  Sounds like a pretty serious problem that our clients will definitely need before preparing their 1099s...

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    The refreshed links went live about noon today.  Anyone who has not processed 1099s yet for 2020 should get them.  The database and the source code links were updated.  In general, if you get one, get them all.  There was no change in the release notes.

    The voucher/payment link issue is a historical issue, and does not affect the validity of any 1099s submitted through Aatrix.  The broken links tended to show an issue on the AP | Insights | Reports | 1099 Reports | Vendor 1099 Activity Report where after the update, the expected 2020 NEC form related activity did not show up.  This is would seem like more of a historical reporting issue, so while all issues could be considered serious, I would call this one less serious.

    The basic problem was that during the update process as boxes are moved around, various tables that store 1099 form/box references need to be updated accordingly.  We rely upon the database triggers to handle this.  Unfortunately, it looks like a table called tapVendPmtAppls is not getting updated.  It also appears that this has also happened in some past updates also, so it does not appear new to this year's update.  This issue has been corrected in the refresh.  Again, it would not have affected the validity of any submissions made to Aatrix for 2020.

    Because of this, tapVendPmtAppl  was out-of-sync with the tapVoucher table with regards to 1099 form/box values, it sort of broke the report.  The manual fix would be to use Edit Voucher 1099 Data and force some soft of change, and the tables would then be synced again.  To address this issue post submission, a data fix was created and is available from Sage Support.  The fix will address all out-of-sync issues found by comparing the link between vouchers and payments and updating the link to the voucher value for all cases, for all companies, regardless of any tax year involved as broken links are broken links.

    TY 2020 kind of highlights this issue which may not have been obvious in the past as what is probably the most used form/box combination (MISC/7) not only changed, but changed form, moving to NEC box 1.

    If submissions have been made, contact Sage Support for the data fix.  It can be run at any time.  If run prior to any TY 2020 changes, it may find existing broken links from the past.  If it is run using the TY 2020 stand-alone updates prior to today's refresh, it will likely find some records.  It can be run after todays refresh is used to create submission, but will likely not find any records to fix as the fix is now embedded in today's refresh.

    I hope this gives you an idea of what happened.  While annoying, it is fixable and seems to be mainly a reporting issue for the most part, and is not on the Aatrix side of reporting. 

    Let me know if you have concerns or are not comfortable with this description.  I normally would not talk about things like tables iand triggers in this forum, but you would appear to be on the technical side.

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    Hi Ramon,

    Wanted to be clear about 2 things -

    1.  Can today's update be applied on sites that already have one of the two previous releases of 1099 stand-alone update applied?  Or will it error out saying that update is already applied?

    2.  If 1099 data has not been submitted for 2020 from the ap1099FormsSvc.exe, is the data fix still necessary?  Likewise, will this latest update prevent the data issue when submission is run?



  • One more question - looks like only the server update has been changed since the 1st refresh. Client updates (the 3 exes) have not changed.  Is that correct?

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    1) The 1099 TY 2020 Stand-Alone DB Install can be re-installed just like any other program.  So this should be done where ever it might be installed.  It is usually only installed on a single machine or two. 

    The 1099 update utility is separate from the actual servers or databases it acts upon.  Any database on a given server that has been updated previously, will not allow the update to be applied again.  If a customer has 10 databases on one or more servers, and two of those databases were updated using the previous version of the 1099 update utility, then those two could not be updated again and will return the already installed error message.  The remaining 8 could be updated if they had not previously been updated.  The updates apply to the database itself, not the SQL server. 

    Some will have a single server with a single database, so they would not be able run it again if the previous version was used.

    2)   If 1099 data has not been submitted for 2020, the data fix is still necessary if the previous version was used to update the database.  The latest update will prevent the data issue, independent of submission.  The issue is created upon updating the database and not related to submission.  It will not stop a submission, and does not affect the validity of the submission.  Submissions use voucher data, not associated payment data.  The issue breaks the link between the two, and the voucher data will have been correctly updated.  

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    The refreshed links are now live as of today 1/8/2021 at about 11:30 AM.  Anyone going forward should use the refreshed links.

    As far as the voucher/payment links issue, I think it is actually an issue that has existed in the past but was made really obvious for tax year 2020.  The issue did not affect the validity of 1099 submissions.  It broke a link between vouchers and payments, specifically the tapVendPmtAppl table.  During the update process, a lot of tables get updated when they store a reference to a V1099form or a V1099Box.  The update triggers fire and update all those tables.  It appears that tapVendPmtAppl is not in that list, so it kept its references to the 1099 forms/boxes.  This issue would then show up when running the 

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    The 1/8/2021 refreshes updated the database portion and the source code portion.  The client portion did not change (still the same exe/dll files), nor did the documents portion.