Upgrading 2014 to 2018

I'm new to Sage 300 and I've been tasked to test an upgrade from 2014.  I setup vm test server of the current Sage environment. I then followed the instructions to complete the upgrade.

I have a few issues which I'm hoping someone here has experienced.

  1. In the instruction it states I need to activate the data for version 2018.  The instructions state I need to look in the administrative services folder for the Data Activation App. I've looked on the server, the CD and in the Sage 200 ERP application and I can't seem to locate this application.
  2. When I login to the new Sage 300 application I receive a message stating I need to  register a Lan Pak license.  I look online for the registration codes on the Sage site and I don't see a LanPak activation code.
  3. lastly I don't see any menus or application tree when I login. My assumption is this is either because I need to activate the data or register the lan Pak license

Please note this is an isolated environment and doesn't have internet access or access to the LAN.

Thanks in advance for your responses.



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