Error: "XYYYYYY ZZZZZZ is not on file." when drilling down on Transaction Zoom on Sage 100 2021

I recently upgraded a Sage 100 v2016 Advanced to v2021.

I've been advising my customers that whenever possible they should go to the very latest version of Sage 100.

I was quite surprised to hear from my customer that they ran into this error given that Sage 100 v2021  has been out since April 2021 and recently received a second product update.

Error: "XYYYYYY ZZZZZZ is not on file." when drilling down on Transaction Zoom in GL Account Maintenance or GL Account Inquiry on Sage 100 2021 where X=Bank YYYYYY=CheckNumber and ZZZZZZ=SequenceNo

Migration from 2018 to 2021 did not expand the DocumentNo$ field which is the bank code and check number.

Sage Engineering is currently reviewing this issue.


Using Data File Display and Maintenance, manually enter the leading zeros after the check code in the GL_DetailPosting, DocumentNo$ field

While I was able to fix the record that reported an error I don't believe there is presently a way to fix all impacted records. In my customer's case they were in GL Account Inquiry - Transactions - and clicking on an entry that originated from A/P which in turn should have drilled down into a check.

Do you have a status update on this error and/or is there a better way to completely resolve the issue for ALL records impacted? 

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